Cell Walls Cell wall is a structure that completely surrounds the

Cell wall in Bacteria Function

Function / October 18, 2018

In Simple words, it can be described as it is “wall” it gives Protection, Support to the inner Cellular parts or Organelles of a bacteria, also it gives a defined shape to it.

A Image of Bacterial cell (Image Courtesy:Google)

In Technical terms, there are some points that can be added to it, they are

  • Cell wall of a Bacteria provides a defined Shape to it
  • It protects from the internal pressure that causes a higher concentration by protein & other molecules comparing the external environment.
  • The Cell wall of a Bacteria differs by its type, It can be two types
  • i)If it is a Gram ‘+’ve bacteria, it has a Thick Peptido Glycan layer gives more Protection than the other one, (this is responsible for the transport of food or water from outside a cell to its inner organs).
  • ii)The second one is Gram ‘-’ve bacteria, which has Thin Peptido Glycan Layer, which gives less protection.

A Image of Gram ‘+’ve & ‘-’ve bacterial cell walls (Image Courtesy:Google)

  • The Difference between a Gram ‘+’ & a Gram ‘-’ bacteria can be experimented by the process called “Gram Staining”.

Source: www.quora.com
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