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Eukaryotic Microorganisms

Microorganism / March 8, 2019

Comparative genomics is a rapidly developing field. Europe has been at the forefront of eukaryotic microbial genome sequencing and the analysis and comparison of these genomes. The first eukaryote sequenced, the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, laid the foundation for the post-genomic era where we are dealing with this wealth of information. Many of the organisms are models for particular biological processes, others are used in industry, are pathogens of plants, animals and humans, are important in ecology, or largely contribute to our understanding of eukaryote evolution. In this conference we bring together the experts from around the world to meet and discuss with interested participants the current state of and future of comparative genomics of eukaryotic microorganisms.

This conference will address the big evolutionary questions of what makes a eukaryote, how multicellularity arose, the evolution of reproduction, pathogenesis, and so on. Lineages of the Eukaryotic Tree of Life (TOL) that until now received only moderate attention, such as the Excavates, Archaeoplastids, Amoebozoa and Choanozoa, will be discussed, together with the better studied Chromalveolates and Fungi.

There will be opportunities for participants to present both short talks and posters, which will be conducted interactively with plenty of time reserved for questions and discussions. In addition there will be interactive workshops on ‘Do It Yourself’ genomics, databases and bioinformatics.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sant Feliu de Guixols !

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