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Bacteria / July 12, 2019

  • d-Amino Acid Mediated Recruitment of Endogenous Antibodies to Bacterial Surfaces

ACS Chemical Biology

Fura, Sabulski, and Pires

2014 9 (7), pp 1480–1489

Abstract: The number of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains has been continuously increasing over the last few decades. Nontraditional routes to combat bacteria may offer an attractive alternative to the ongoing problem of drug discovery in this field. Herein...

  • Visualization of mycobacterial membrane dynamics in live cells

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Rodriguez-Rivera, Zhou, Theriot, and Bertozzi

2017 139 (9), pp 3488–3495

Abstract: Mycobacteria are endowed with a highly impermeable mycomembrane that confers intrinsic resistance to many antibiotics. Several unique mycomembrane glycolipids have been isolated and structurally characterized, but the underlying organization and dynamics ...

  • Rational Design of Single-Chain Polymeric Nanoparticles That Kill Planktonic and Biofilm Bacteria

ACS Infectious Diseases

Nguyen, Lam, Ho, Kumar, Qiao, Egan, Boyer, and Wong

2017 (3), pp 237–248

Abstract: Infections caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria are on the rise and, therefore, new antimicrobial agents are required to prevent the onset of a postantibiotic era. In this study, we develop new antimicrobial compounds in the form of single-chain ...

  • Cell Wall Remodeling by a Synthetic Analog Reveals Metabolic Adaptation in Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci
Pidgeon and Pires


Abstract: Drug-resistant bacterial infections threaten to overburden our healthcare system and disrupt modern medicine. A large class of potent antibiotics, including vancomycin, operate by interfering with bacterial cell wall biosynthesis. Vancomycin-resistant ...

  • Fluorescent Trimethoprim Conjugate Probes To Assess Drug Accumulation in Wild Type and Mutant Escherichia coli
Phetsang, Pelingon, Butler, KC, Pitt, Kaeslin, Cooper, and Blaskovich

2016 (10), pp 688–701

Abstract: Reduced susceptibility to antimicrobials in Gram-negative bacteria may result from multiple resistance mechanisms, including increased efflux pump activity or reduced porin protein expression. Up-regulation of the efflux pump system is closely associated ...

  • Fast Diazaborine Formation of Semicarbazide Enables Facile Labeling of Bacterial Pathogens
Bandyopadhyay, Cambray, and Gao

2017 139 (2), pp 871–878

Abstract: Bioorthogonal conjugation chemistry has enabled the development of tools for the interrogation of complex biological systems. Although a number of bioorthogonal reactions have been documented in literature, they are less ideal for one or several reasons ...

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