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Bacterial cell with Labels

About Microscopic Organism / January 10, 2018

  • Visualization of mycobacterial membrane dynamics in live cells

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Rodriguez-Rivera, Zhou, Theriot, and Bertozzi

2017 139 (9), pp 3488–3495

Abstract: Mycobacteria are endowed with a highly impermeable mycomembrane that confers intrinsic resistance to many antibiotics. Several unique mycomembrane glycolipids have been isolated and structurally characterized, but the underlying organization and dynamics ...

  • Analysis and Control of Chain Mobility in Protein Hydrogels
Rapp, Omar, Shen, Buck, Wang, and Tirrell

2017 139 (10), pp 3796–3804

Abstract: Coiled-coil domains can direct the assembly of protein block copolymers into physically cross-linked, viscoelastic hydrogels. Here, we describe the use of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) to probe chain mobility in reversible hydrogels ...

  • Orthogonal Luciferase–Luciferin Pairs for Bioluminescence Imaging
Jones, Porterfield, Rathbun, McCutcheon, Paley, and Prescher

2017 139 (6), pp 2351–2358

Abstract: Bioluminescence imaging with luciferase–luciferin pairs is widely used in biomedical research. Several luciferases have been identified in nature, and many have been adapted for tracking cells in whole animals. Unfortunately, the optimal luciferases for ...

  • Site-Specific Bioorthogonal Labeling for Fluorescence Imaging of Intracellular Proteins in Living Cells
Peng and Hang

2016 138 (43), pp 3

Abstract: Over the past years, fluorescent proteins (e.g., green fluorescent proteins) have been widely utilized to visualize recombinant protein expression and localization in live cells. Although powerful, fluorescent protein tags are limited by their relatively ...

  • Cell-Selective Bioorthogonal Metabolic Labeling of RNA
Nguyen, Fazio, Kubota, Nainar, Feng, Li, Atwood, Bredy, and Spitale

2017 139 (6), pp 2148–2151

Abstract: Stringent chemical methods to profile RNA expression within discrete cellular populations remains a key challenge in biology. To address this issue, we developed a chemical–genetic strategy for metabolic labeling of RNA. Cell-specific labeling of RNA can ...

  • Fast Diazaborine Formation of Semicarbazide Enables Facile Labeling of Bacterial Pathogens
Bandyopadhyay, Cambray, and Gao

2017 139 (2), pp 871–878

Abstract: Bioorthogonal conjugation chemistry has enabled the development of tools for the interrogation of complex biological systems. Although a number of bioorthogonal reactions have been documented in literature, they are less ideal for one or several reasons ...

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